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December 30, 2020

Heather, passengers from Mauritius to Durban are a knotty problem as passenger lists are not consistent or regular. : 1890 - 1954), Wed 23 Jan 1946, Page 5 - DURBAN CASTLE'S "MIXED" PASSENGER LIST You have corrected this article This article has been corrected by You and other Voluntroves This article has been corrected by Voluntroves DURBAN CASTLE was broken up in Hamburg in 1962. South African Passenger Lists - R.M.S. When her troops were disembarked she, with the WARWICK CASTLE, WINCHESTER CASTLE and DURBAN CASTLE and several other troopships made an unescorted dash for Gibraltar. She was delivered to Union-Castle Line, and served on their route to South Africa from Southampton from 1962. 11. Jane Ismay. 19 Feb 1960. The Durban Castle was built in Belfast in 1938 to serve on Union Castle’s mail run to South Africa and she was converted to an infantry landing ship at the outbreak of the WWII, carrying troops during the invasions of North Africa, Italy and France. This South Africa passenger list custom search includes French Huguenot, German, English, Dutch and other points of departure to all ports in South Africa including Cape Town and Natal. Covers a high percentage of the 1820 settlers who went to South Africa from the British Isles. Her service speed was 13 knots. In many cases, the country is self-evident, i.e., Boston is of course in USA, Melbourne in Australia and so on. These records are a work in progress so be sure to visit often to see what has been updated. abt 1885. London Times, 02 Aug 00 (Thursday) p8b & c The Saxon left for England on July 25 with invalids. Dunluce Castle Dunottar Castle Durban ... For some of the cross-Channel and Isle of Wight passenger ferries, the practice was adopted at certain dates of making one return for all the ships of the company; when this has occurred, the ship names have been cross-referenced. But many of the ships were small cargo vessels and no passengers listed. 74 . Durban. There are some passenger lists in the EI (European Immigration) original volumes held at Pietermaritzburg Archives, mentioning voyages from Mauritius. 20 Oct 1884. Name of Ship M.V. 530: Norman (2) 1894: 1900 transferred to Union-Castle Mail SS Co, 1926 scrapped. Mar. South African Genealogy has collected lots of Passenger Lists and made them freely available for you to search through. The Children's Friend Society; The Children's Friend Society - Master South African List; Top Surnames. Durban. She was Commodore Ship, in a six vessel Union Castle convoy, which transported South African troops to Suez for the North African campaign in 1940, the other ships being the Arundel, Windsor, Winchester, Durban and Capetown Castles. Southampton. The GALWAY CASTLE was built in 1911 by Harland & Wolff at Belfast, she was an intermediate mailship and part of the “G” class of ships (Gloucester Castle, Guildford Castle, Garth Castle, Grantully Castle and Galway Castle) and the only one of the five to be built by Harland and Wolff. 158: Norman (1) 1854: 1865 sold to Charles Langley in part exchange for new ship. Harrison. She transported American troop to the U.K. in 1943, in the build up for the following year invasion of Europe, and in all carried approximately 150,000 troops. While this signaled the end of an era, Union Castle's fleet of passenger liners and freighters had helped connected Europe and Africa since 1900 and it's great ships are still fondly remembered today. Here also a passenger list for the Goth arrived at Cape Town Monday with passengers for ct, Chinde, Beira, Algoa Bay, Natal and Mauritius. Union-Castle named most of their ships with the suffix “Castle” in their names; the names of several inherited from the Union Line were changed to this scheme (for example, Galacian became Glenart Castle) but others (such as Galeka) retained their original name. London . The Stirling Castle was also a Union Castle Line ship, like the Durban Castle on which I had arrived in South Africa in September 1940. Union-Castle postcard of Durban Castle. Southampton. Mr J Ismay. 75 . Buenos Aires. To begin … 7,537: Norseman (1) 1866 Transvaal Castle Transvaal Castle - S.A.Vaal - IslandBreeze - Big Red Boat III Page 1: Union-Castle - Safmarine The Transvaal Castle was launched in 1961 by John Brown & Co, Clydebank. She was built in 1951, a handsome ship of 17,041 grt, she had twin screws giving an … Passenger lists usually give details of the overseas port to which the passenger is sailing, while remaining silent on the country in which the port is situated. Occupation: Nurse. I discovered this site today.You can search a collection of Passenger Lists of people going to South Africa covering the years 1687-1923. Inspired by Arthur Anderson, (a founder of P&O), the Union Steamship Co. was the older company founded in 1853 as the Union Steam Collier to carry coal from South Wales to meet the growing demand in Southampton. Union-Castle sepia postcard of Durban Castle. 23 Feb 1959. Ships Passenger Lists Olive Tree Genealogy. Additional 19th century settlers are being added. Here also a passenger list landing at Cape Town from the Scot on July 14. Subsequent passenger ships for the mail service reverted to steam turbine power. Related material: ALGERIA Reg No 56132 (see BELLA DONNA) ALLAH KARIM Reg No 131767 (see ELIZABETH) ALLEMANNIA Reg … London. Although the author has been in the passenger shipping industry since 1960, ... German cruiser “Konigsberg” was in the vicinity; thus, the ship was rapidly turned around and she headed back to Durban. During 1943, together with her sister, she trooped between the USA and UK carrying some 150,000 troops without any serious incident. Her first arrival at Cape Town was on 13th May 1938 on the mail service. I am trying to locate the passenger list of either of the two ships above.Left Southampton 1959 to arrive in Cape Town South Africa. Roman a. Homebound, both vessels sailed directly from Mauritius to Durban. On one voyage only, Durban Castle proceeded from Lourenço Marques to Mauritius, and Pretoria Castle from Durban directly to Mauritius. The UNION-CASTLE MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY came about through the amalgamation of the Union Steamship Co. and the Castle Packets Co. in March 1900.. PASSENGER LISTS FROM THE NATAL WITNESS July 4 - Arrival Hawarden Castle CSS London. There was no 'planned' exercise in bringing … 64 . Avila Star Steamship Line Blue Star Line Date of Arrival 18 th January 1940 Port of departure Buenos Aires. Ports of Voyage: Cape Town. Buenos Aires. John Ismay. on August 7, 2006. in Helpful Websites, Record Indexing. Anderson, Jeanes, Hamlyn, Wood and 16 others, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , view all 42 Profiles. How would I find the passenger list for the Arundel Castle, Durban to Southampton 1924? There is also a new database of Military Deserters in the Cape Colony during the 1800s. Pass list Durban Castle/City of Durban By user February 05, 2000 at 12:44:00. Source: UK, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 England to South Africa, 1929 There is a “Miss E Lyons” of 43 Beaufort Rd, Birmingham, England travelling to South Africa, departing Southampton, England on the SS Edinburgh Castle on 30 Mar 1929. WELKOM CUZZINS! On many instances only initials and surnames are given, sometimes only surnames are given and titles and children were sometimes listed as “and 2 children” or “governess and baby boy” or simply 200 passengers and no names at all are mentioned. I just wonderd of it would be of any intrest to anyone. RHODESIA CASTLE - Author's File : The RHODESIA CASTLE was described as an 'intermediate' in the fleet and satisfied the demands of both passenger and cargo itineraries. The DUNNOTTAR CASTLE sailed on as the Greek cruise ship VICTORIA. BRAEMAR CASTLE (right) in 1962 after the extensive re-fit to a one-class ship. 31 Dec 1874; South African Settlers - British ; South Africans' Geni Landing Site. I have a prayer book with a handwritten dedication... "On board S.S. Arundel Castle, Dec. 1948 from Francis Blake CR. She was launched on 23rd September 1937 and was delivered in April 1938. It also includes passengers for Algoa Bay, East London and Natal. Pendennis Castle was to become the finest traditional mail-ships to be built for Union-Castle and nothing built after her, regardless that the newer ships were more modern and streamlined, but they did not surpass this magnificent ship! Chaplain". Durban was the southern terminal for Union Castle and BI ships working the East African coast via Suez - PHOTOs - Union Castle: CARNARVON CASTLE at sea in 1954 (left) - PHOTO Ron Bullock. South African Settlers British who emigrated to South Africa. passenger tender at Durban, 1900 transferred to Union-Castle Mail SS Co, 1913 sold to Cape Town City Steamers, renamed Sir Fred. England via Cape Ports. Mr Robb, Mr and Mrs GA Champion, Mr WJ Atkinson, Miss Blackie, Mr AF Case, Dr W Carte, Mr Jas Yellow, Misses M and H Yellow, Mr Collinson, Mr and Mrs Hay, Messrs WF Seymour, E Nathan, CM Jenkins, Miss Sam Lemen, Messrs JD Goodwin, Port at which passengers contracted to land. Ship Name: Edinburgh Castle. Laura-Jane Colepeper. Ships Passenger Lists to South Africa 1900-present RMS Saxon from Southampton, England, to Madeira, Cape Town, Algoa Bay, East London and Natal, on July 29, 1905 WW1 Memorial Card Ivy & Freda REEVES Victims on board Galway Castle, England to S. Africa 1918 Choose from the following indexes of passenger lists of ships sailing to South Africa More databases will be added soon. SA incoming Passenger Lists by Jacqueline. However these passenger lists are guidelines and cannot be assumed as 100% correct. 14, 2018 I have just come across your site. Upon arrival Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company transferred her to the London, South African West Coast service. More information on the current database here. tons), one of the pioneers of turbo electric propulsion for liners, which was torpedoed on 11 … 20 Oct 1884. American Export Isbrandtsen Lines/Union-Castle Line/(Safmarine): South Africa by Sea via Madeira 1967, Sailings January-December 1967: 1967 : Sailings of Independence, Constitution, Atlantic, Windsor Castle, Pendennis Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Capetown Castle, S.A. Vaal and S.A. Oranje: S/R: Passenger Sailings and Fares on Freighters, December 1966-July 1967: 1967: Sailings of Flying … 18 Jul 1949. Of course not all incoming passenger lists will be indexed here, nonetheless this is a very useful source. Advocate (Burnie, Tas. * Click for views of: Dunnottar Castle, Durban Castle and Warwick Castle (ex-Pretoria Castle) * (From the collection of Raymond Reynolds) Sailings February-November 1954 (issued February … Union Castle was forced to phase out its money-losing passenger services during the 1970s, ending its shipping services altogether by 1977. Then in 1917 she was requisitioned for the war effort and she was refitted … She was of 7988grt, 452ft 4in long with a beam of 54ft 4in. In 1940 she was the commodore ship of a Union-Castle convoy made up of Arundel Castle, Windsor Castle, Winchester Castle, Durban Castle and Capetown Castle to carry South African troops to Suez following the outbreak of fighting in North Africa. Most of the ships got through safely, but a major casualty was the beautiful P. & O. Liner VICEROY OF INDIA (1929; 19648 gr. Many times surnames and names are miss spelt, …

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