mysql_num_rows not working

December 30, 2020

before go further, know mysql_* deprecated , , shouldn't use it. Home. ; sure your scripts work properly with it in order to ensure they will work ; with future versions of the language (you will receive a warning each time ; you use this feature, and the argument will be passed by value instead of by mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource Problem . mysql_ping. mysql_num_rows() returns 1 as expected. php - MySQL: Num Rows not working - i've stumbled upon simple mysql error, , seems attempts of fixing effortless. 1. Anyways, I'm quite new in PHP, but it's fun and I think I'm learning quite fast :) Persistent Connections. That's a real surprise when you have in mind that both databases, Oracle RDBMS and MySQ,L are produced by the same company and that there is a conscious effort to keep the … Okie, My cookies just arnt working on my Xampp, they used to, no matter what script i use i cant get my cookies to work.. so i thought id do the most simple cookie check.. Code: Select all

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